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What's included in a Mosquito Service?
The Mosquito Free Program at Mosquito Battalion is a service that is offered between May and September, which primarily targets the Asian tiger mosquito (scientific nameAedes albopictus). Every three  weeks a technician will come out to your home and use a mister to treat resting areas around your property. The vegetation around the perimeter of the home in addition to beneath decks and other outdoor shaded areas will be treated as well.
They will also use a growth regulator to areas where the water can pool, which usually makes an ideal location to lay eggs. At the conclusion of the service, the technician will do an inspection of the property and make any additional recommendations to eliminate potential breeding areas. 

The one-time service for events includes the same procedure as the Mosquito Free program, but it is only a single application and not applied every three weeks.
How Much Does it Cost to Remove Mosquitos for an Entire Season?                                                                                                            There are several factors that go into determining the cost of mosquito control for an entire summer season. At Mosquito Battalion , we determine our pricing based on the following factors:
Property size
Initial treatment date
Pricing for mosquito services at
Mosquito Battalion will vary depending
on the property size.

Prices start around $425
Does the Cost Change if I Start Later in the Season for Mosquito Control?                                                                                                
When it comes to the seasonal mosquito service, you can start whenever you want. Unlike other pest control services, mosquito treatment is not cumulative in nature. That being said, it doesn’t mean that if you start in May it’ll be more effective for you than if you start in July. It will be just as effective if you start treatment in July as if you would have started in May, as recommended

Price Changes for Seasonal Service based on a ¼ acre property:
$425~to $575  for a full season starting in May
$325~to $425  for a full season starting in June
$250 ~to  $325 for a full season starting in July
$175  ~to $250 for a full season starting in August

The only problem associated with starting later in the season is the fact that you won’t get the full effect of having a
“bite-free” backyard all summer long. If you start in June, July or August, you would have to endure all the mosquito bite possibilities from those months leading up to your first service.
“The prices will go down for a seasonal treatment as the summer progresses because we won’t be coming out to treat as often, “Once you start the treatment its effective, regardless of when you start. As long as it is within the season,
it will be effective , but why would you want to wait?”

How Much Does Mosquito Control Cost for a One-time Event?

Perhaps you are planning a graduation party in your backyard this summer and you’re concerned about your guest being bitten during the function, a one-time mosquito treatment may help ease your mind in that respect.
Whether you have a seasonal mosquito service or are getting a one-time event service, the procedures and effectiveness of both treatments are the same. The one-time service will encompass everything that a seasonal service provides,
the only difference is that it is a single service.
A one-time event price ranges from $175 to $575 for an average yard (¼ of an acre to ½ of an acre property).
The cost of a one-time service is determined by the evaluation of the property.
The price is also higher because it is a single service.