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Mosquito Battalion 
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protecting  your family  through
Eco-smart technology  

   creating a safe environment around you property
servicing westchester county and fairfield county Connecticut 

  0ur staff Biologist, advises technicians on how to reduce the risk of contracting Zika and transmission of Zika. She coordinates our Program, which aims to reduce transmission of vector-borne diseases through education.

Because of our natural pest control approach, Veganix stands alone from other pest control  companies, Veganix has been regarded as a leader in the pest control industry for 30 years,  while providing affordable and less toxic pest control services to the consumer.  
 A pleasant attitude is very important part of being a succesful company, all our technicians nurture  a pleasant and supporting relationship with our customers. At Veganix  our professional technicians treat all customers with utmost respect, all calls and service inquiries are processed with diligence and accuracy. Avalaibility when in need for pest control services is very important to us, at Veganix a pest control  professional will always be available to service your property.
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some products work longer than others, so if you are only going to be out for a few hours, you can choose a product that works for that timeframe. If you will be out all day, you can choose a longer-lasting product, and reapply as needed.

  1. perimeter mosquito and tick inspection
    perimeter mosquito and tick inspection
    . Mosquito Prevention inspection: prior to introducing a Pest Management solution , a Veganix Technician will perform a mosquito risk assessment of your surrounding property. green product selection and application is discussed.
  2. Comprehensive Pest Control
    Comprehensive Pest Control
    implementing mosquito program a pioneer in green technology Veganix will treat existing mosquito harboring and perimeter areas Veganix will deliver a comprehensive green Mosquito program.
  3. what matters most
    what matters most
    protecting our loved ones to keep your family safe from mosquito and tick presence during the summer. Regular maintenance visits are highly recommended 
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    "Don't allow pests to invade your home, call us for an evaluation, and a technician will provide an on-site solution, and provide you with a peace of mind and a pest free environment. With veganix on your side pests disappear like magic call for a free inspection and service quote."
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    mosquito and tick pest control home and garden veganix elmsford ny mosquito pest control white plains ny mosquito exterminator scarsdale ny hartsdale ny bronxville ny purchase ny rye new york mosquito fumigation fairfield county stamford ct greenwich ct mosquitos exterminating mosquito spraying tick perimeter spraying fumigation for ticks mosquito control program green pest control company new york westchester county botanical perimeter exterminator fairfield county connecticut natural spray insect